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Introducing the New Accountability Indicators

28 August 2017
By Susanna Bennett

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Have you ever wondered how many events ICANN participates in by region and how many people we engage with? Or what is the state of ICANN's financials? Or how much is being spent on travel and meetings? Now you can find all of these answers and more on the beta version of our new Accountability Indicators page. It's a place where you can keep track of progress made against ICANN's strategic and operating plans.

This is an evolution from our previous Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard. Based on feedback from the ICANN community, organization, and Board over the last couple of years, we have transformed the KPI Dashboard to better demonstrate the organization's accountability and transparency to the community. We recognize that ICANN is a unique organization, so market trends and industry benchmarks do not always apply. Other measures better demonstrate our progress, including perception measures such as satisfaction surveys and non-performance measures such as Board composition.

We will update these indicators monthly. Initially, the page is in English, as we want to get your feedback right away. In the coming months, we will make the page available in the six U.N. languages.

What's New?

We've made several improvements to the data itself and are introducing a new interactive platform that makes the data easier to work with and understand. You can drill down to see data in more detail. For example, if you click a column in a chart, you'll see a cross-section of data, so you can hone in on what matters most to you. You can also download the underlying data.

Your Feedback Is Important

This page serves provides a central place where you can clearly see progress made against the goals and objectives you set in ICANN's strategic and operating plans. We will continue to improve it, and your feedback is important. Please email questions or comments to accountability-indicators-feedback@icann.org.


Susanna Bennett

Susanna Bennett