International Women’s Day

8 March 2007
By Jacob Malthouse

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. A quick run through (by no means thorough) came up with the following number of women on various ICANN groups:

  • Board: 4 of 15 or 27%
  • Interim ALAC: 5 of 14 or 36%
  • Nominating Committee: 3 of 22 or 14%
  • GNSO: 5 of 22 or 23%
  • ASO: 0 of 15 or 0%

According to International Womens Day.com there are ten organisations dedicated to supporting International Women’s Day. None of these are active in ICANN.

There are a variety of ways for women and women’s groups to get active in ICANN, including:

[Jacob of course forgot to include the male/female split within ICANN itself. Thanks to ICANN's administrative assistant Marilyn Vernon - herself a woman - who went through the staff list, we can reveal that there are 38 women and 49 men working at ICANN - a 44/56 percent split - Ed]


Jacob Malthouse