IDN ccTLDs – The First Four

13 May 2010

Tina Dam

The last week has been focused on historic IDN accomplishments and news: The first four IDN ccTLDs have been introduced and are all functioning.

The corresponding countries are:
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, and Egypt.

This essentially means that we have started seeing domain names where the top-level/extension is either: امارات. السعودية. .рф مصر.

Congratulations to the teams behind:

  • United Arab Emirates: امارات.
  • Saudi Arabia: السعودية.
  • Russian Federation: .рф
  • Egypt: مصر.

The simultaneous delegation of the three Arabic based IDN ccTLDs was completed last week, and the delegation of the Russian IDN ccTLD was completed this week in conjunction with the Russian Internet Governance Forum: http://russia2010.intgov.net/eng/program.php

This is an history milestone and an achievement reached due to years of hard work by so many people across the world, including: technical developments with the core group in the IETF's IDNA protocol working group; development of the policies and procedures; application development to ensure IDNs work across browser and other software; and so forth.

ICANN would like to thank everyone involved in making IDN TLDs a reality, and we look forward to seeing how IDN TLDs are embraced by users globally, and to the introduction of the next group of IDN ccTLDs. The full list will continue to be updated and can be found here: http://icann.org/en/topics/idn/fast-track/string-evaluation-completion-en.htm

Some of the milestones leading to the last week's great IDN result:

12 May 2010: Delegation of the Russian Federation IDN ccTLD

5 May 2010: Simultaneous delegation of the three first IDN ccTLDs for United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.

22 April 2010: ICANN Board approval of the first four country delegations, for Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates, Russian Federation, and Egypt.

21 January 2010: ICANN announces the first four IDN ccTLD requests as having completed step 2 (of 3) in the Fast Track Process, thereby the requested IDN ccTLDs have been approved.

16 November 2009: ICANN launches the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process thereby opening up for countries and territories to submit requests for IDN ccTLDs.

30 October 2009: ICANN Board approves the Final Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process, and announces the launch.

Oct 2008: First draft implementation plan for IDN ccTLD Process

Feb 2008: First report from the IDNC WG leading to IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

Jun 2003: IDNA protocol, IDN Guidelines, initiation of browser implementation

An area of the ICANN website is dedicated to IDN resources, and includes links to all the milestones and news announcements: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/idn/

Tina Dam