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ICANN's Contracted Parties Approve New Obligations to Mitigate DNS Abuse

13 December 2023

I am thrilled to announce a major accomplishment from the collaborative efforts of ICANN and the Contracted Parties House negotiation teams. The proposed amendments to the registrar and registry contracts, specifically targeting Domain Name System (DNS) Abuse, have received overwhelming support from generic top-level domain registries and accredited registrars.

Currently, the final results are undergoing verification by the independent administrator, Votenet. Once the vote is certified, the proposed amendments will be shared with the ICANN Board for consideration. If approved, the proposed amendments will go into effect following a 60-day notice from ICANN. If the proposed amendments are not approved, they will go back to the negotiating teams to discuss next steps.

We achieved this milestone at an amazing pace. Just last year, around this time, we received the contracted parties' proposal to negotiate new standards for mitigating DNS Abuse, with meaningful and clear contractual obligations. The swift development and approval of these DNS abuse contract amendments underscore the community's collective ability to work together in finding incremental solutions, ensuring a stable and secure DNS for all Internet users.

While this is a significant milestone, both contracted parties and the Generic Names Supporting Organization acknowledge that this is not the only remedy in the efforts to combat DNS Abuse.

Our collective work to combat DNS Abuse has evolved and will continue to do so. ICANN remains committed to work within its remit, and in partnership with the wider community, to combat and mitigate DNS Abuse. Please join me in celebrating this important milestone in our journey together.


Russ Weinstein

Russ Weinstein

VP GDD Accounts and Services