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ICANN Website Update

22 May 2014
By Chris Gift

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For some time now, we’ve been building a new website for ICANN in a process we’ve documented elsewhere on this blog. That site went live a few weeks ago and we’ve been directing an increasing number of users from the old ICANN site to the new one over the last few weeks. We proceeded cautiously in that transition process in the hope of surfacing issues as we went – the sort of issues that you only discover about a site once it is live and users begin to test it for real.

We did find some issues, which we were able to address, but nothing that was a ‘show-stopper’ and we were confident enough of the new site to direct all traffic to it from Monday of this week.

When we took that step, we expected further minor but manageable issues – this is a complex site, with more than 61,000 pages, and the transfer of content from old to new is no trivial matter. However, what we’ve found since that cutover is an unexpected and unacceptable number of broken links and re-directs.

We’re looking to find the cause, as well as a long term fix. We have a team of developers working on that investigative process and we’ll update this blog post with any significant developments in this work.


Chris Gift

Chris Gift