ICANN Meeting – Lisbon

24 March 2007
By Office of the Ombudsman

It is Sunday morning in Lisbon. European daylight savings time kicked in overnight. ICANN Staff are holding their first 7:30 staff meeting. These dedicated folks are surprisingly chipper despite loosing an hours sleep, and most of them jet lagged. Staff meetings start at 7:30, and the last event of the day today ends at 10:00 tonight. Long days, dedicated staff, and lots of interesting things going on. If you have an interest, check out the public participation site http://public.icann.org/

To update my previous post, Air Canada lived up to my fears. My brand new suitcase arrived with a tear, and what appears to be a tire scuff on it…. Ou new media advisor, Jason, who was on the same flight, received only one of his two bags, the other delivered to the hotel some 36 hours later.


Office of the Ombudsman