ICANN 44 at Prague Day 2

26 June 2012
By Office of the Ombudsman

On Monday night there were two ceremonies of transition.

The first was the celebration of the 10 years of ALAC. This was a happy occasion in which the very hard work of the unpaid volunteers who form ALAC and the supporting bodies, was recognised and celebrated. The history of ALAC and its continued success was endorsed by many speakers. Our new CEO  Fadi Chehade also joined in, and made a good analogy of the ALAC community as the feet of the organisation taking us to our goals. For me, what I enjoy about the ALAC community is the incredible diversity. There is no such thing as a typical ALAC member, but despite enormous cultural and other differences, everyone joined in the celebration, showing us a real model of one world one Internet.

The next ceremony of transition was the reception for retiring CEO Rod Beckstrom. His achievements and successes were celebrated and recognised, including a specific recognition from the Internet Society of China, which I believe demonstrates the achievement in his contact and outreach to Asia. Perhaps in future years one of Rod's most important achievements will be seen as achieving a breakthrough in Asian involvement with ICANN. It concluded with the presentation from his children which left him momentarily speechless – very touching.

So today in Prague is a very busy day for the community. All of the constituencies are meeting and discussing their work. That is really the engine room of ICANN, and the results of the discussions are most important. But there is another occasion to join in with the traditional music night.


Office of the Ombudsman