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Discontinuing Support for ICANN-Rooms Hotel Networks

31 October 2019
By Ashwin Rangan

ICANN has decided to use the hotel's own Wi-Fi networks rather than creating ICANN's service set identifiers (SSIDs) at the hotel sites. The hotel manages and brands in-room Wi-Fi networks that appear as ICANN networks using a SSID; however, ICANN does not manage, own, or control these networks. Therefore, continuing to offer it as an ICANN-branded network is a misrepresentation. Please use the Wi-Fi options provided by your hotel for in-room connectivity at ICANN66 and at other meetings going forward.

To clarify, this change only affects hotel room networks. ICANN will continue to offer secure networks on-site at the meeting venue. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Ashwin Rangan

Ashwin Rangan