Costa Rica ICANN 43 10 March 2012

11 March 2012
By Office of the Ombudsman

Well, here I am in the tropical wonderland of Costa Rica. My Ombudsman Office is getting freshly painted for me to start work, and already the air is humming with the newcomers and the regulars registering and filling the air ideas and enthusiasm. There are some big issues to be debated, and perhaps some calls on my office for when there some sticking points. I hope the warm air and sunshine help to put people in a good frame of mind for peaceful discussions however.

My hotel room looks out over a building which looks like a monastery, with a very Spanish style, terracotta tiles on the roof and a tower.  It is in fact the hotel spa, perhaps the 21st century equivalent, as certainly people go there for relaxation and healing. The Ombudsman needs to go there however for the more mundane purpose of the constant battle of an expanding waist, and the treadmill. Not perhaps so spiritual but, in my own way limbering up for the week ahead.

To those at Costa Rica my office will be open I think (depending on the painter) some time on Sunday so you are welcome to visit.


Office of the Ombudsman