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An Update from the NomComRIWG Chairs

14 July 2021
By Tom Barrett and Cheryl Langdon-Orr

The Nominating Committee Review Implementation Working Group (NomComRIWG) is making progress on review recommendations from the second organizational review of the NomCom (see Final Report). Several of the review recommendations have implications for the broader community and for ICANN governance. In particular, two areas of implementation may be of interest to the ICANN community:

  • The independent examiner's recommendation on rebalancing the NomCom
  • The design and installation of a new NomCom Standing Committee

Rebalancing of the NomCom (Recommendation 10)

The NomComRIWG presented its rebalancing proposal in a webinar at ICANN70 and recently met with the Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC) to discuss implementation of this recommendation, among others. Based upon its discussion with the OEC, the NomComRIWG developed a summary of community consultation and feedback on implementation for rebalancing the NomCom. Once the summary is finalized, it will be shared with the OEC and posted on the NomCom2 Review wiki workspace as a public record of the NomComRIWG's consultation on the important governance issue of rebalancing.

The NomComRIWG's current Implementation Plan for this recommendation proposes a change to the ICANN Bylaws, whereby the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) is allocated the same number of NomCom seats as it holds today, but is able to internally determine how those seats are allocated without requiring further change to the ICANN Bylaws. The NomComRIWG's intent with this proposal is to allow the GNSO to continue to evolve the allocation of NomCom delegates in response to the changing composition of GNSO constituencies and stakeholder groups.

Nominating Committee Standing Committee Charter (Recommendation 24)

The intended purpose of the Standing Committee is to support continuous improvement and  increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Nominating Committee while enhancing the NomCom's transparency and accountability to the overall ICANN community. The Standing Committee will not oversee or participate in the daily work of the NomCom. However, recognizing that the membership of the NomCom changes annually, the Standing Committee is intended to provide continuity across annual NomCom cycles and build the institutional memory of the NomCom. The NomComRIWG is currently working on the next iteration of the Standing Committee charter to further refine the committee's purpose, scope, composition, and terms.

Getting Engaged

The above updates and overall implementation work present opportunities for community engagement around important governance issues. For those who want to learn more, all NomComRIWG meetings are open and available for observers to join. Please send a request to yvette.guigneaux@icann.org to receive calendar invites to meetings and to subscribe to our mailing list (read only).

Resources and More Information

The NomComRIWG Implementation Progress Reports are important communication bridges between the community and the Board. These reports are intended to provide transparency on the NomComRIWG's work from start to finish. The Progress Reports document how implementation of the NomCom Review recommendations - many of which have important governance implications - have evolved over time. They also include details on review milestones, proposed Bylaws changes, and current implementation status of recommendations. The most current Progress Report can be found on the NomComRIWG wiki.

To learn more about the NomComRIWG, click here.


Tom Barrett

Chair, NomComRIWG

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Co-Chair, NomComRIWG