Update from Public Experts Group

12 November 2014

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The Public Experts Group (PEG) continues its deliberations on Advisors for the Enhancing ICANN Accountability Cross Community Working Group (CCWG). The PEG expects to deliver the names of up to seven Advisors by the end of November.

The PEG acknowledges the distribution of the Enhancing ICANN Accountability CCWG proposed charter [DOCX, 67 KB] on 3 November 2014 and is conscious of the timeline for community adoption of the charter and the expected beginning of deliberations the CCWG in late November or early December.

The PEG last issued a statement on 14 October 2014, after meeting during the ICANN 51 meeting. The PEG members, Jeanette Hofmann, Janis Karklins, Larry Strickling and Brian Cute, discussed and agreed to the areas of expertise and evaluation criteria they would use in the selection process. The areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Board Governance and Corporate Management (for example operational, finance, risk management)
  • Global Accountability and Transparency – theoretical, practical, tools and metrics
  • Global Ethics Frameworks and Human Rights (for example consumer protection)
  • Governmental Engagement and Relations and Multistakeholder Governance
  • International Law/ Jurisprudence (for example choice of law)

The PEG is also considering the need for diversity (for example, geographic, gender) in the Advisors when evaluating candidates.