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Third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3) Draft Report

16 December 2019

Open Date: 16 December 2019 Close Date: 31 January 2020
Originating Organization: The third Accountability and Transparency Review Team via Multistakeholder Strategy and Strategic Initiatives (MSSI)
Categories/Tags: Reviews/Improvements, Accountability/Transparency
Brief Overview:

This Public Comment proceeding is on behalf of the third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3). The ATRT3 seeks to solicit input on its draft report.

The report drafted by the ATRT3 contains findings, suggestions and recommendations with regard to ICANN accountability and transparency in key areas:

  • Board
  • Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC)
  • Public Input
  • Policy Development Process
  • Specific and Organizational Reviews
  • Accountability Indicators
  • Prioritization of Activities, Policies, and Recommendations

The ATRT3 collected opinions on ICANN's accountability and transparency from individuals and ICANN structures via a survey and engagement sessions at ICANN Public Meetings. This input helped the ATRT3 identify areas which require improvement and could benefit from a suggestion or recommendation. More information on the ATRT3's key findings, suggestions, and recommendations is detailed in the draft report summary (see Section 1).

The ATRT3 welcomes community comment on all sections of its draft report and highlights the following topics as particularly critical:

Specific and Organizational Reviews (see Section 10.5): As stated in the draft report, "Although ATRT3 could not come to consensus on a single proposal to address the issues related to Specific and Organizational Reviews it did manage to narrow the options down to two distinct possibilities for this draft report which are presented [in the report]. The ATRT3 is seeking input from community on these to assist it in coming to a conclusion on this topic for its final report."

Prioritization of activities, policies, and recommendations: The draft report includes a suggestion on this topic (see Section 12.4).

Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/atrt3-draft-report-2019-12-16-en