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Priority 2 Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration from EPDP Phase 2

3 December 2020

Open Date: 3 December 2020 Close Date: 22 January 2021
Originating Organization: ICANN org
Categories/Tags: Policy Development, Privacy, Top-Level Domains
Brief Overview:

Purpose: This Public Comment proceeding seeks to obtain community input prior to Board action on a subset of final policy recommendations of the Generic Names Supporting Organization Expedited Policy Development Process on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data (EPDP) – Phase 2. Specifically, this Public Comment proceeding is seeking input on a set of final recommendations that relate to topics from the EPDP's Phase 1 (which have also been referred to as "priority 2 topics"); the recommendations related to the System for Standardized Access/Disclosure ("SSAD") are NOT included in this Public Comment proceeding and will be part of a future Public Comment proceeding.

Current Status: The GNSO Council approved the policy recommendations during its meeting on 24 September 2020.

Next Steps: The ICANN Board is expected to take action on the approved policy recommendations.

Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/policy-recommendations-epdp-phase-2-2020-12-03-en