New L-Root Instance in Puerto Rico Will Help Mitigate Network Outages and Deliver Improved Internet Experience

25 August 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico… Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc. (NIC.pr) announced today that it has successfully installed an L-Root instance in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This new instance will provide Internet resiliency to the region and reduce the response time their customers experience when making Domain Name System (DNS) queries.

"This new instance is part of Puerto Rico's ongoing efforts to strengthen the robustness and resiliency of its Internet infrastructure while also fostering local content development," stated Dr. Oscar Moreno, CEO & Founder of .pr. "On top of that, this announcement coincides with Gauss Research Laboratory's celebration of the 25th anniversary of NIC.pr."

This new L-Root instance is the result of an agreement between Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc. and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

"ICANN applauds NIC.pr's efforts in developing Puerto Rico's information and telecommunication sector," said Chris Mondini, ICANN's Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement in North America and Global Business Engagement. "L-Root server instances contribute to faster response times for DNS queries, and we encourage other organizations to consider deploying their own instances to help develop their regions."

There are 13 "root," or fully authoritative, DNS servers, identified by alphabetic letters A through M — the "L" root being one. Computers locate one another on a network by using numeric addresses, while humans find it easier to use and remember names (for instance, users typically remember the domain name "ICANN.org" more easily than the Internet Protocol address, 2620:0:2d0:200::7). The Domain Name System (DNS) matches domain names with numeric addresses, in much the same way a phone book matches names to phone numbers.


To learn more about root servers, please visit: http://root-servers.org/

For more information on Gauss Research Laboratory, please visit: http://www.grl.pr/

For more information on NIC.pr, please visit: https://nic.pr/index.asp

Media Contacts

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NIC.pr – Director of Sales and Marketing
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tel: +1.787.422.6817
Email: pablo@nic.pr

James Cole
Global Media Coordinator
Washington, D.C.
Tel: +1.202.570.7139
Email: james.cole@icann.org


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