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ICANN Announces New Members Of The Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP) Standing Panel

3 June 2015

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has selected and entered into contracts with four new members of the Public Interest Commitments Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP) Standing Panel. The PICDRP was developed to address reports that a Registry Operator may not be complying with the Public Interest Commitment(s) in Specification 11 of their Registry Agreement.

Upon receipt of a Public Interest Commitments (PIC) report, ICANN may call upon the Standing Panel to evaluate compliance by the Registry Operator with its obligations under Specification 11 of its Registry Agreement. The Standing Panel has 15 days to make a determination and submit a report to ICANN.

ICANN would like to thank everyone who responded to the call for Expression of Interest. The PICDRP Standing Panel now consists of 7 individuals. New members include:

  1. Dr. Kevin P. Newmeyer is a consultant on cybersecurity, defense, and public policy issues in the Washington, DC area. He has extensive experience with development and implementation of cyber policy in the Americas with the Organization of American States and individual governments. He has more than thirty years of professional experience in academic, government, private sector, and international organizations.
  2. Ms. Megan H. Stifel is an experienced cybersecurity and operations attorney and policy professional. She spent 8 years with the U.S. Department of Justice advising on a range of criminal and national security matters involving the Internet as well as Internet governance.
  3. Mr. Reynaldo Urtiaga is a Mexican law professor, arbitrator, and counsel, with substantial experience interpreting international contracts, policies, and regulations, as well as adjudicating transnational business-to-business (B2B) disputes over goods, information technology services, intellectual property rights, among other subjects. He has resolved over 100 UDRP cases as WIPO Panelist since 2003.
  4. Mr. Scott R. Austin has broad expertise in intgellectual property litigation, including patent, trademark and copyright infringement disputes in federal courts and before administrative tribunals such as the International Trade Commission (ITC) and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), as well as domain name UDRP proceedings, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) content disputes, and disputes involving antitrust, Internet law and ICANN policy and governance. Mr. Austin has programming and media law background helpful to the technology transactions aspect of his practice, which includes Software as a Service (SaaS), technology licensing, privacy, First Amendment, publicity rights, and data security counseling.

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