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IANA Functions Customer Survey Results Available

11 January 2017

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11 January 2017 – Los Angeles – Today, ICANN published the results of an annual survey that measures the perception of satisfaction among IANA functions customers regarding the services they receive. In the 2016 survey, which accounts for transactions completed between September 2015 and August 2016, 94 percent of respondents reported being "satisfied" or "very satisfied."

View Customer Survey Findings [PDF, 2.15 MB].

The IANA Functions Customer Survey measures satisfaction in relation to documentation quality, process quality, transparency, timeliness, accuracy, reporting and courtesy. In the 2016 survey, 99 percent of respondents reported being satisfied with the accuracy of their transactions. Customers also identified accuracy as the most important measure of performance for the fourth consecutive year. Notably, 94 percent of customers reported satisfaction in regard to transparency this year, an increase from 89 percent in the 2015 survey.

While the results of the survey are generally positive, ICANN continues to explore opportunities for improvement. This year, there was a drop in satisfaction regarding process quality, from 95 percent to 89 percent. there are projects underway to enhance the IANA processes and systems that were mentioned in the survey.

ICANN commissioned Ebiquity, a global reputation consultancy, to administer the survey. Those who make IANA functions transactions – top-level domain operators, protocol parameter and regional Internet registry managers, RFC authors, Internet Engineering Steering Group members, DNSSEC KSK ceremony participants and .INT domain registrants – were invited to take the survey. This year, ICANN issued 4,286 invitations and 10 percent of customers responded.


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