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Draft ICANN Operating Plan For Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Now Available For Review

22 March 2007

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Today, ICANN is posting the draft version of its fiscal year 2007-2008 Operating Plan for review. The review process will commence at the ICANN Lisbon meeting, and a public forum for comment will be set up shortly.

A description of the methodology and background to the plan is provided in the Draft Operating Plan introduction document [PDF, 61K]. The complete plan is presented twice, organized from two different perspectives:

  • The first plan presentation [PDF, 265K] is organized by ICANN functional area. This presentation aids understanding of how various activities are interrelated. Further, the interests of a particular constituency might fall within the domain of a specific ICANN function.
  • The second plan presentation [PDF, 141K] is organized by strategic objective, mapped directly from ICANN’s strategic plan. This presentation shows how ICANN activities support ICANN’s strategic imperatives.

The draft Operating Plan will be presented in Lisbon, with consultations taking place during the course of the Lisbon meeting in multiple languages.