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Community Comment Invited on GNSO Constituency Confirmation Documents

4 February 2009

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At the direction of the ICANN Board, the six existing constituencies of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) have submitted documents that are intended to demonstrate their compliance with the principles of representativeness, openness, transparency and fairness set forth in the ICANN Bylaws. All members of the ICANN community are now invited to review those submissions and share comments and observations with the Board through 25 February 2009.


As part of the comprehensive GNSO Improvements effort, last Summer the ICANN Board directed existing GNSO Constituencies to report their adherence to ICANN’s Bylaws by submitting confirming documents in advance of the February 2009 Board meeting. The Board believed that the submissions offered existing constituencies the opportunity to demonstrate their compliance with the Bylaws through their organizational structures, practices and processes. The Board also established a new requirement that GNSO Constituencies recognized by the Board formally confirm their status every 3 years to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of Article X, Section 5, subsection 3 of the ICANN Bylaws regarding the principles of representativeness, openness, transparency and fairness.

The Board directed the ICANN Staff to help with this effort by designing and developing a streamlined process and appropriate mechanisms to assist with the Board's timely recognition and approval of the existing constituencies.


The re-confirmation of existing IGNSO Constituencies is an important part of the overall GNSO Improvements Implementation effort. The existing constituencies will be the foundational structures for new Stakeholder Groups that are being created as part of the GNSO Improvements effort. They will also play a critical ongoing role in the functions of the GNSO. It is important that the constituencies remain committed to the principles of representativeness, openness, transparency and fairness set forth in the ICANN Bylaws.

Community feedback on the practices and processes of the existing GNSO constituencies and their adherence to the existing Bylaws is an important component of the Board’s evaluations of these groups and any improvements that the Board may recommend.

Relevant Board Resolution, Bylaws and Constituency Submissions:

The Process From Here:

At the end of this public comment forum period, the ICANN Staff will provide a summary/analysis of the comments submitted regarding each constituency report. That summary/analysis will be shared with the community and the Board. The Board will make a decision on whether to re-confirm/recertify each constituency.

It should be noted that the GNSO Improvements Report approved by the Board in June 2008 has additional guidelines and recommendations for the ongoing practices and processes of GNSO constituencies. It is expected that this work will be ongoing as part of the GNSO Improvements implementation efforts.

Deadline and How to Submit Comments:

The Staff is opening a 21-day public consultation forum, from 4 February 2009 through 25 February 2009, and invites community comments on this topic.

The formal Public Comment Forum Box is located here: http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/public-comment-200902.html#gnso-constituency-renewals

To submit comments: gnso-constituency-renewals@icann.org

To view comments (including the various constituency submissions): http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-constituency-renewals

Staff Responsible: Robert Hoggarth