Application for New GNSO Constituency Candidacy-"Public Internet Access/Cybercafe Ecosystem"

10 October 2012

Forum Announcement: Comment Period Opens on Date: 10 October 2012
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Purpose (Brief): ICANN has received its first application under the New GNSO Constituency Recognition Process adopted by the ICANN Board in June 2011. The purpose of this forum is to notify the ICANN community and solicit feedback on the Application for Candidacy (AFC) submitted by the Cyber Café Association of India (CCAOI), to form a new GNSO Constituency called the "Public Internet Access/Cybercafé Ecosystem (PIA/CC)". The application package submitted by CCAOI requests that the new Constituency be approved for recognition within the GNSO’s Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG). Community input will help inform deliberations by the NCSG as it evaluates the application.
Public Comment Box Link: http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/afc-ccaoi-piacc-10oct12-en.htm