Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group Begins Discussions

25 August 2014

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As announced on 19 August 2014, members of the Accountability and Governance Public Experts Group have been selected. This group will be responsible for the selection of up to seven Advisors to sit on the ICANN Accountability & Governance Coordination Group to assure that best practices are brought in from the larger global community.

Initial discussions amongst the group members have begun, and they will be holding their first call on 26 August 2014 to determine their working methods moving forward. An audio recording of the call will be posted on the Public Experts Group Space on the Community Wiki following the meeting.

In addition, the community may follow the Public Experts Group through its publically archived mailing list.

For all information regarding the Public Experts Group and the ICANN Accountability and Governance Process, please visit the Community Wiki.