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RegisterFly Update 22 May, 2007

2007 年 05 月 22 日
作者: Paul Levins


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ICANN has been advised of a deal to transfer all names in RegisterFly’s management from RegisterFly to an existing accredited Registrar with a demonstrated record of customer service. This would be a quick and effective solution to many of the problems that registrants are presently experiencing with RegisterFly. The deal, which has been confirmed with the registrar, is a commercial transaction (where the acquiring registrar has worked out a financial arrangement to take over names managed by RegisterFly).

In order to make the transfer happen, all data must be provided to the acquiring registrar by RegisterFly. We have been informed that most of the data has been now made available. Final steps are underway to effect the full transfer of information which should be completed next week, with an announcement by the acquiring registrar to be made at that time.

In related news, US Federal District Court Judge Real has compelled the personal appearance of Kevin Medina before the court on Friday, 25 May 2007 to show cause why RegisterFly should not again be held in contempt of court and be further sanctioned. Kevin Medina has not so far appeared personally in this matter. ICANN will appear, and has reserved the right to take additional action before that time pursuant to the court’s orders, particularly if the RegisterFly transfer falls off the schedule outlined above.

We will continue to update you as new information becomes available. We understand how difficult these circumstances are and will continue to concentrate on getting the best possible outcome we can for registrants.


Paul Levins