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Secretary's Notice | Selection of Raimundo Beca as a Director by the ASO | 3 May 2007

Pursuant to ICANN Bylaws Articles VI and VIII, the ASO Secretariat has confirmed the re-election of Raimundo Beca to a second term as a Director on ICANN's Board in seat 10. Raimundo Beca's second term will begin on 8 June 2007, and will end on the day six months after the conclusion of ICANN's annual meeting in 2009.

Copied below is the text of a message confirming the election from Paul Wilson, ASO Secretariat:

From: Paul Wilson
Date: May 2, 2007 7:20:44 PM PDT
To: John Jeffrey
Cc: Vint Cerf, Paul Twomey, Gerard Ross, NRO Executive Council
Subject: ASO selection for ICANN Board of Directors

Dear John

ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 2, Paragraph 1.b, provides for the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) to select members to the ICANN Board of Directors. Paragraph 3.b.3 of the ASO Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and the Number Resources Organization, dated 21 October 2004, further defines that the selection will be conducted by the Address Council (ASO AC). ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 8, Paragraph 4 states the Supporting Organization shall give the Secretary of ICANN written notice of its selection.

At their meeting on 2 May 2007, the ASO AC selected Raimundo Beca to serve a further three year term on the ICANN Board of Directors. Mr Beca's current term expires at the ICANN meeting in June 2007.


Paul Wilson
ASO Secretariat