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Minutes - Public Participation Committee (PPC) 9 June 2009

PPC members present: Dennis Jennings, Thomas Narten, Jean Jacques Subrenat – chair, and Katim Touray

Staff Members Present: Samantha Eisner, Kieren McCarthy, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, Theresa Swinehart and Nick Tomasso

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  • Discussed minutes from previous meeting and confirmed that minutes from 14 May 2009 meeting would be submitted for approval in an online consensus tool as recommended by the Board Governance Committee. The PPC agrees to use the consensus tool for the approval of minutes to allow for public posting in a faster timeframe.
  • Discussed committee preparations for public participation at the Sydney meeting, including preparations for the Session with the Board Public Participation Committee, scheduled for 24 June 2009 at 9:00 am in Sydney, suggestions for possible improvements to the Public Forum, and potential remote participation tools that can be tested for use or implemented at the Sydney meeting. Staff presented a report on a successful test of the Adobe Connect tool with the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), and reported that as a result, Adobe Connect will be in use at the Sydney meeting in the ccNSO meetings as well as the main meeting room. The PPC discussed the implementation of these interim steps with view toward full implementation in Seoul, including a uniform document deadline and refining access issues at the Public Forum. Action: Staff to prepare a paper for public posting in advance of the Sydney meeting laying out PPC updates on work done since Mexico City, discussion points for the Session with the Board Committee, and view forward. [Note: While the PPC acknowledges that this paper will be posted later than required pursuant to the 10 working-day approved guideline, the PPC recognizes the difficulty in anticipating everything that may assist participants in being informed prior to the meetings, and did not want to miss an opportunity to progress in its work.] Staff to also provide an update to the PPC on availability of language and translation tools within ICANN.
  • Discussed status of Staff report on available Public Participation tools, and the need to consider all potential tools and reasonableness of costs, while remaining aware of bandwidth and access limitations. Action: Staff to produce initial report to the PPC by late July 2009, which shall include identification of three or four vendors/tools that may be useful technologies, with a view towards demonstration for the PPC.
  • Received a presentation on staff’s work relating to discussions of visa issues with hosts and host countries and facilitating travel to ICANN international meetings. Action: Staff to investigate options relating to expedited processes for visa applications for those traveling to meetings, as well as to continue education with host countries regarding implications of being chosen as a host as it relates to all members of the Internet community wishing to travel to the international meeting.