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Agenda | Meeting of the Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the Board (OEC) | 24 July 2023

  1. Introduction

    1. Welcome

    2. Review Agenda, Open Action Items and OEC Work Plan

  2. Action Items

    1. Specific Reviews (SSR2 and CCT-DNS Abuse) recommendations for Board consideration

    2. Retirement of Recommendations Proposed Process

    3. Reviews Risk Assessment

    4. IANA Functions Review (IFR)

    5. CCT Board Caucus Group charter

  3. No Action Required – Discussion Only

    1. NomCom2 Review implementation

    2. Pilot Holistic Review Terms of Reference

  4. Decisions reached via email (to be read into the meeting minutes)

  5. AOB and Action Items

  6. Adjourn

Published on 17 July 2023