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Правление утвердило пятилетний план операционной деятельности ICANN (2016-2020 ФГ)

1 мая 2015

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On the 26 April 2015, the Board met in Los Angles, California, and approved the ICANN Five-Year Operating Plan (FY16-FY20) [PDF, 1 MB].

The Five-Year Operating Plan helps to establish and communicate the roadmap that operationalizes ICANN's menu of work, and sets forth details for each Strategic Objective and Goal – portfolios of ICANN activities, key operational success factors (outcomes), key performance indicators (measurements), key dependencies, and phasing over the five years (at the Goal level); and is complemented by a five-year financial model, which describes the principles and approach to ensure financial accountability and sustainability in achieving ICANN's mission.

The Five-Year Operating Plan is an integral part of ICANN's planning process as it informs the subsequent planning phases for each year and is the result of a collaborative and bottom-up multistakeholder process, which included extensive public input.