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Secretary's Notice | Board Member Transitions and "Mid-Year Meetings" | 17 August 2011

The current terms of ICANN Board seats 9 and 12 are scheduled to conclude at ICANN 44 – the 2012 Mid-year Meeting in Prague, 24-29 June 2012 <>. (Board seats 9 and 12 are selected by the ASO Address Council and the ccNSO Council, respectively.)

ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 8.1.d <> provides that the current terms of seats 9 and 12 will continue until the conclusion of ICANN's "Mid-year Meeting" that takes place after ICANN's annual meeting in 2011 (in other words, the terms will continue until after the 2012 mid-year meeting).

ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 8.1.h defines the Mid-year Meeting as the first ICANN public meeting occurring no sooner than six months, and no later than eight months, after the conclusion of the ICANN annual meeting.

ICANN's 2011 annual meeting (ICANN 42) is scheduled for Dakar, 23-28 October 2011 <>. ICANN 44 in Prague, 24-29 June 2012, will occur within eight months after the conclusion of the 2011 annual general meeting, and therefore the next terms for seats 9 and 12 will commence at ICANN 44.

This transition schedule is consistent with the recent Bylaws amendment concerning "Changing Term Ending Dates for Supporting Organization and At-Large Selected Board Members" <>. That amendment was intended to modify Board-member transitions so that they ordinarily will take place during the mid-year public meetings.

Please note that the meeting dates and places are always subject to possible cancellation or rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances, and any such schedule changes could have an effect on the timing of Board term transitions.

Please direct any questions or comments to <>.