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RegisterFly Update 25 May 2007

25 de mayo de 2007
Por Paul Levins

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This morning, United States District Court Judge Manuel L. Real issued a Permanent Injunction against RegisterFly.

The Court held Registerfly and Kevin Medina personally to be in contempt of the Court’s earlier Preliminary Injunction Order.

So the Court has has ordered Kevin Medina and RegisterFly to publish on its website, within 48 hours, a notice telling people about the termination of it’s accreditation as the Court had set forth in the earlier Preliminary Injunction. The Court also ordered Kevin Medina and RegisterFly to comply with all other aspects of the Preliminary Injunction that it had earlier issued by no later than June 1, 2007 .

If they don’t fully comply with the Preliminary Injunction by June 1, 2007, RegisterFly (or Kevin Medina personally) is required to pay $5,000.00 per day until they do. As the Court previously ordered, Kevin Medina did personally appear in Court today, as the Court had ordered. He acknowledged that he understood the Court’s order.

We can only hope that he does.


Paul Levins