Agenda - 5 August 2010 ICANN Board Meeting | Expected duration; 3 hours 5 August 2010

  1. Executive Session:

Consent Agenda [5 Minutes – no discussion – papers submitted and voted in one resolution unless board member requests discussion and then moved to Main Agenda]:

  1. Consent Agenda Resolution:
    1. Approval of Minutes of 23 June 2010 ICANN Regular Board Meeting
    2. Approval of Minutes of 25 June 2010 ICANN Special Board Meeting
    3. Delegation of IDN ccTLDs:
    4. Approval of RSEP Request for Allocation of 1 and 2-Character Domains in .TRAVEL
    5. From the Security & Stability Advisory Committee
      1. Bylaw changes
      2. Membership appointments to initial term lengths
    6. From the Structural Improvements Committee – Receipt of Final Report from RSSAC Review Working Group
    7. Receipt and Posting for Public Comment of the Application to be a New UDRP Provider
    8. Approval of the At-Large Improvements Implementation Plan

Main Agenda:

  1. CEO’s Report
  2. Chair Remuneration
  3. International Dimension of ICANN
  4. Approval of RSEP Request for Phased Allocation Program in .JOBS
  5. Update on New gTLD program
  6. ICM Registry Application for .XXX sTLD
  7. Data & Consumer Protection
  8. Update on ICANN & IGOs
  9. From the ASO – Ratification of Proposed Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers
  10. UDRP Status Briefing
  11. Any Other Business