Agenda | Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board | 26 October 2023

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

  • BGC Recommendation on Dissolving the Board Working Group on Internet Governance

  • Revisions to Board Committee Charters

  • Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) Member Appointments 

  • Next Round Funding Request

  • Transfer to the SFICR

  • ERP Provider Renewal

Main Agenda

  • FY25 Strategic Outlook Trends Report

  • Revisiting Board Action on CCWG-Recommendation 7

  • Pending Recommendations of the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Final Report.

  • Thank You to Avri Doria for her service to the ICANN Board

  • Thank You to Matthew Shears for his service to the ICANN Board

  • Thank You to the local government and supporting organizations of ICANN78 Meeting

  • Thank you to Sponsors of ICANN78 Meeting

  • Thank You to Interpreters, Staff, Event and Hotel Teams of the ICANN78 Meeting

  • Thank you to Community Members

  • AOB

Published on 20 October 2023