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21 June 2015
By Rodrigo De La ParraRodrigo De La Parra

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It is an honor for me to welcome you again in our diverse region of Latin America and the Caribbean. This time I am particularly glad to tell you that this will be the ICANN meeting with the most regional content ever. Actually, our regional community has proposed and organized over 10 different activities listed in our LAC Participant Guidebook [PDF, 1.28 MB], which I encourage you to download to click the links and schedule attendance to the sessions of your interest.

We start on Friday, June 19 with the second edition of the LAC DNS Forum, a space where we can discuss issues related to the Domain Name System (DNS) together with the main industry, Internet policy and technical players.

Also, I would like to mention the LAC Lounge, a space that is open the whole week in which participants can meet and talk with members of other regional Internet organizations and live the IPv6 experience, which includes listening to a song, watching an animation and playing a game about this topic.

As you probably know, as part of the LAC Strategic Plan, the region has included in the agenda of ICANN global meetings a permanent space called the "LAC Space". We look forward to seeing you all there on Monday, June 22 as well as the following day in the session entitled "Update on the LAC Strategy" to discuss together the plan progress and how you can get involved.

I will not list all the other very interesting sessions we have planned with the regional community, but I hope they have a large and active participation.

Let's make of this meeting a fruitful space to continue working for the development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean!


Rodrigo De La Parra

Rodrigo De La Parra

VP, Stakeholder Engagement and Managing Director - Latin America and Caribbean
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