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Vint Cerf: Do you care about the Internet?

10 May 2007
By Kieren McCarthy

Earlier this week, we released an interview with Vint Cerf in which he discussed ICANN, what it did, the fact he was stepping down as chairman this year, how the Internet has changed in the past ten years and who he hoped would join ICANN to continue the work of the organisation.

When that interview was over, Vint also recorded a short message in which he explained why people should get involved in ICANN’s processes. “Do you care about the Internet?” he asks — because if so, you need to take a look at ICANN. “Your opinion won’t be heard if you don’t participate.” We have posted the message on YouTube and Google Video and have linked to it above. You can also download it below.

ICANN’s Nominating Committee is looking for people to fill nine places within ICANN’s structure, including three Board places. There is a deadline of 18 May 2007. For more information and the application form, visit http://nomcom.icann.org.

Download the interview
We have made the interview available in four formats: Windows’ media player; MPEG4; Apple’s QuickTime and iPod video. Click on the links below to download them to your machine (right-click and save the link to be able to save the file in a specific spot on your computer)

Windows Media (13.2MB) | MPEG4 (3.6MB)
QuickTime (30.4MB) | iPod video (8.9MB)


Kieren McCarthy