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The Latest Update on the Board's Review of the CCWG Proposal

28 August 2015
By Steve Crocker

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As reported Wednesday, the Board is engaged in full review of the CCWG-Accountability proposal. In line with our commitment to be open and transparent about our process, we are using this space to update the community on our next steps.

A subset of the ICANN Board and staff members finished a productive series of meetings this week focused on the CCWG proposal. We shared Wednesday that as part of this meeting, the group held a call with the CCWG Chairs, and met with several advisors. Additionally, we met with Larry Strickling, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator. The Board also held an informational call today. We would like to thank everyone for their time and valuable contributions to our discussion.

Also, as reported earlier this week, we have received an impact analysis of the proposal from our external counsel Jones Day. The impact analysis has been posted to the Public Comment forum [PDF, 539 KB].

On Monday 31 August, the CCWG will hold a 90-minute call at 22:00 UTC to brief the Board on its proposal, and also provide an opportunity for discussion. Details of the call will be posted to the CCWG wiki so that anyone in the community may participate.

On Wednesday 2 September, the Board and the CCWG will hold a call for the Board to share its feedback on the proposal. This call will take place at 22:00 UTC and can be streamed live through Adobe Connect. There will also be an opportunity for a follow up call if needed.

After those conversations with the CCWG, the Board will post its comments in the Public Comment forum.

We are committed to working productively and constructively to achieve a successful IANA Stewardship transition and an ICANN with enhanced accountability. We remain appreciative and supportive of the CCWG's valuable work.


Steve Crocker

Former ICANN Board Chair