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LACNIC: Celebrating 15 Years of Regional Excellence

22 September 2017
By Steve Crocker and Göran Marby

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We're currently in Montevideo, Uruguay, for LACNIC28 and the last intercessional ICANN Board Workshop of the year. We can't speak about being at the LACNIC meeting without first conveying our best wishes to our friends and colleagues in the Caribbean and in Mexico who have been dealing with devastating natural disasters over the past few weeks. Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

Having these two meetings coincide was no coincidence. We are using this opportunity to meet with the LACNIC Board, to see how our two organizations can collaborate in more meaningful and beneficial ways.

This year marks LACNIC's 15th anniversary, but the story of their regional success starts at the very beginning, when it was officially ratified as a Regional Internet Registry by the ICANN Board at ICANN14 in Shanghai, China. In 2002, LACNIC had just four employees and 147 associated entities, but thanks to its hard work, LACNIC has grown to nearly 60 employees and more than 6,000 associated entities.

Their expansion is a testament to its hard work and dedication to developing and increasing the stability of the Internet in the region. LACNIC's success is a sign of trust, continuity, and leadership, and can be attributed to the combined efforts of every individual involved in this great adventure.

LACNIC's story is also the story of La Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean, which, since 2012, has become home to several Internet organizations. This unique experience promotes collaboration between the organizations that work there. But above all, it has created a family that shares a common goal. The Casa de Internet is the product of a visionary organization that has been tireless and fervent in its efforts toward the development of its regional communities. ICANN is honored to call the Casa its regional home since 2013.

We wish our friends at LACNIC continued growth, and know they will continue to inspire us all with their successes to come.


Steve Crocker

Former ICANN Board Chair
Göran Marby

Göran Marby

Former President & CEO