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The Future of the Internet – YouTubery in action

2 June 2008
By Kieren McCarthy

There is a large OECD ministerial meeting in Seoul later this month (and just a week before the ICANN Paris meeting), that has as its title: “The Future of the Internet Economy”.

The technical community – including ICANN – is hosting a one-day conference prior to the two-day ministerial proper, where the world’s most powerful governments will look at what the future of this network is: the possibilities and the threats; the creative and the criminal; and the lessons learnt as well as the best policy approaches going forward. ICANN will be represented by CEO Paul Twomey. And Vint Cerf will also be there to provide his insights.

The OECD’s YouTube channel for the Future of the Internet

But in an effort to reach out beyond the CEOs, world experts and government ministers, the OECD has set up a YouTube channel where it invites anyone to submit their video about what they see as the future of the Internet and encourages people to answer the question: “How can the Internet make the world a better place?” You are invited to “ask a question or share an opinion with world leaders to influence the future of the Internet.”

If past experience is anything to go by, the ICANN community has pretty strong views on where the future of the Internet should be, so here’s your chance to have them heard in one of the most powerful and influential inter-governmental bodies out there.

For more information, the OECD has a webpage explaining all. The YouTube channel itself is at: http://www.youtube.com/futureinternet.


Kieren McCarthy