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Senior Executive Roundtable with ISPs and Telecoms

20 March 2013
By Fadi Chehadé

In addition to the ccTLD CEO Roundtable in London (see blog), I was able to meet the next day, 14 March 2013, with senior executives from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as well as from telecommunications companies (telecoms).

During the course of our roundtable, we explored the role of ISPs in relation to other organizations within the Domain Name System (DNS) sector and discussed how they can best participate in a number of ICANN’s current initiatives. For instance, we share many of the same objectives that aim to further develop Information and Communications Technology (ICT), drive innovation and foster greater business opportunities on a global level.

For ISPs and telecoms, participation in the multistakeholder model aligns with ICANN’s enhanced engagement efforts in regions where technical infrastructure and capacity building is still maturing. We also recognize that to Internet users, regardless of their origin or geographic location, our performance and reputations as stewards of a stable and secure Internet are linked. Simply put, for many individuals ISPs and the Internet are one and the same.

We agreed that more should be done to create tools, leverage technological solutions, and disseminate information that brings awareness to our collective work. This was also highlighted in presentations from industry analysts whose research findings support this concept of mutual dependency.

Our session also addressed a number of technical issues pertaining to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), IPv6, DNSSEC adoption, and the new gTLD program, all of which are emblematic of the next phase of Internet development.

Finally, we concluded with the challenges posed by the diversity of the industry, but which also allow for immense opportunity for further collaboration, greater problem-solving, new strategies, and enhanced technical and policy-making processes.

I am truly grateful for the time, insights and contributions provided by the group members, and I look forward to continued partnership around these critical activities.

Back Row (from left to right):

Christopher Mondini, Vice President, Business Engagement, ICANN
Daniel Doro, Business Development Executive, UOL
Miles Beckingham, Senior Trade Mark Attorney, BT
Michael Rotert, Professor, and CEO, ECO
David Olive, Vice President, Policy Development Support, ICANN

Front Row (from left to right):

Mohamed Hammady, Director, BSkyB, Sky Network Services
Francois Comet, Deputy to the Chief Regulatory Officer, Orange Group
Carolina Cosse, President, ANTEL
Sally Costerton, Senior Advisor to the President, Global Stakeholder Engagement, ICANN

Not Pictured:

Robert Hoggarth, Senior Director, Policy Development Support, ICANN
Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO, ICANN


Fadi Chehadé

Former President & CEO