registerfly, a reply to a correspondent from Security and Stability Committee

27 February 2007
By Frank Fowlie

You addressed your note to the Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee, Frank Fowlie (the Ombudsman), and me (chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee). I can assure you each of us is deeply concerned about the problem you and many others are having with Registerfly. I can also assure you the ICANN staff are working vigorously to resolve these problems. Let me also emphasize that none of us are part of the ICANN staff in the usual sense. The Governmental Advisory Committee and the Security and Stability Advisory Committee are external committees which provide advice to ICANN. The Ombudsman, as is usual with ombudsmen, sits outside the staff structure and provides an independent path for complaints about the behavior or performance of ICANN staff. The GAC chair and I are not ICANN employees and don't have access or control of the registrar contracts. The people who do have that access and control are on the ICANN staff, and, as I indicated earlier, Mike Zupke is the primary person to coordinate with. (If you're not getting any response from ICANN staff. I'll be happy to intercede if you're having trouble getting attention.)


Frank Fowlie