RALO formation update

25 June 2007
By Jacqueline Morris

The NARALO has agreed its MoU, and this will be signed on Thursday. The RALO has voted for its two ALAC members, and they are Beau Brendler from the USA (1 year term) and Robert Guerra from Canada (2 year term). They will take up their positions at the end of the MoU signing on Thursday.

When this final MoU is singed, the “Interim ALAC” will no longer exist, and it will finally become the ALAC per the ByLaws.

This has been a long and arduous process, and this is not the end, but the beginning.

Now we have to work to get the regions involved in the policy processes of ICANN. We need the ALSes and their members to consider carefully the issues that are on the table at ICANN, for example registrant protection issues, IDNs, DNSSEC, among others, and gather the feedback from the individual Internet users in their regions so that it can be considered by ICANN in the policy processes.


Jacqueline Morris