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Publication of the LAC DNS Marketplace Study

13 March 2017

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announces the publication of the final report [PDF, 3.9 MB] on the Latin American and Caribbean DNS Marketplace Study. The LAC DNS Study was completed after receiving feedback from the Public Comments process.

Commissioned in January 2016, the study investigates the current state of the Internet and domain name industry, explores best practices for the uptake of domain names and analyzes the ecosystem. It recommends new business potentials based on global benchmarks and proposes a way forward for the region.

Report and Findings

The work of the study has three distinct phases:

  • A collection of facts on the state of the domain name industry in the LAC region. This included an examination of regional web content, growth trends, registrar and reseller markets, documentation of user experience, uptake of domains and the market in premium domains;
  • Analysis of those facts followed with a look at mechanisms for growing the region's domain name market, the regional web ecosystem and an analysis of benchmarks and best practices;
  • Conclusions from that analysis including a way forward for the region.  This includes the business potential for the domain name ecosystem and a set of recommendations.

The report identifies seven key drivers of domain name growth for the region:

  • Defining and refining the sales channel and reversing the trend of falling numbers of ICANN accredited registrars since 2013;
  • Building user awareness of domain names;
  • Making registration policies open and simple;
  • Providing online payment facilities;
  • Ensuring fast activation of new registrations;
  • Reasonable and competitive fees; and
  • Promotions, marketing, and campaigns.

Research Team

A consortium led by Oxford Information Labs, LACTLD, EURid and InterConnect Communications conducted the study for ICANN.

The final "LAC DNS Study" is available here [PDF, 3.9 MB].


Daniel Fink

Daniel Fink

Stakeholder Engagement Director - Brazil