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22 December 2011
By Office of the Ombudsman

This is a time of the year when we all hope for peace. Part of the job of an Ombudsman is promotion of peace, although it seldom appears in the specifications setting up the office. But fairness is often about restoration of harmony. Most of the major religions promote peace, and despite some of the stranger beliefs on the fringes, peace is a theme we can find in celebration of Christmas, Hannukah and Eid, and in others as well. We join in by listening, and respecting what people say to us. And we also want to join with family and friends in celebrating the peace we find, often by sharing a meal and gifts.

So we move to harmony by these human interreactions, and perhaps forget about the belifs that made us angry or hate other people for their views.

Whatever your beliefs and opinions, now we can sit back and share and celebrate.


Office of the Ombudsman