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NextGen@ICANN Applications Now Open For ICANN 54 Meeting in Dublin

1 June 2015


ICANN is proud to announce that the NextGen@ICANN initiative will be happening at the ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin, Ireland. It's an exciting opportunity for anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 looking to get more involved in the ICANN community. If this sounds like you, you're strongly encouraged to apply here. If you know someone who would be a good fit, please feel free to share this blog post with them.

Prospective members of the NextGen@ICANN initiative must be:

  1. Living / studying in the region of the respective ICANN meeting (learn more about regions at http://meetings.icann.org/regions) and between the ages of 18 and 30
  2. Able to spend the entire week participating in the ICANN meeting.
  3. Interested in Internet Governance, the future of the Internet, and other topics covered at the ICANN meeting.
  4. Willing to present a 10-15 minute project at the meeting. This could be a presentation of research you've done, an activity you're doing related to ICANN's work, a website you're affiliated with that is related to ICANN's work, a thesis project you're working on, etc. This presentation will be attended by ICANN community members, ICANN staff, as well as your NextGen peers.

As part of the Development and Public Responsibility Department, the NextGen@ICANN initiative is designed to help fulfill ICANN's public responsibility and continue to build trust in the Internet. As part of the department's work, ICANN has defined the need to engage what it called the "next generation" in the Internet ecosystem to ensure that ICANN and the Internet are more broadly are accessible and relevant to their needs. ICANN looks to continue this work by raising the next generation's awareness of ICANN activities and Internet governance while supporting participation in these areas where applicable.

Like many community driven initiatives, this effort has led the way for solid programs, by the community, for the community. In the upcoming ICANN meeting in Dublin we will bring together a group of individuals looking to learn more and engage with us. You can find more information and the application for the program here.