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Next Stop: ICANN62 in Panama City

14 March 2018

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ICANN61 in Puerto Rico has been a memorable meeting. After six days of intense work and dynamic discussions, I can say that this meeting has been successful and special. The ICANN community decided to honor its commitment to host the meeting in Puerto Rico after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. This gesture contributes to solidarity and growth at a time when some are recovering from a period of need and tragedy. I am grateful to the community of stakeholders in Puerto Rico, who, with open arms, welcomed the global Internet community to the island.

As we leave Puerto Rico with good memories, we focus on ICANN62 in Panama City, Panama. After three years, ICANN returns to Latin America for this Policy Forum and for the first time, Panama City will be the location for the Internet community's activities. From 25 to 28 June, we will experience three days of hard work and discussions about policy and outreach. This is a great occasion to see familiar faces and new ones, too. We are excited to see all of you in Panama.

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a vibrant region with much potential and young talent, eager to engage with other regions and organizations to discuss the future of the Internet. In the last few years, LAC has been an example of outreach expansion and innovative projects from stakeholders.

Panama City is a dynamic metropolis where modernity, commerce, and amazing historical landscapes create the perfect backdrop for our 62th meeting. This city is a natural hub for the world's commerce as it connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through its canal. This year Panama will also be the connecting point for the Internet community.

Join us on this ICANN62 journey. We anticipate this meeting to be an opportunity to increase collaboration among the community and create a space for new initiatives that affect the future of this shared network of networks: the Internet.

See you in Panama!


Rodrigo De La Parra

Rodrigo De La Parra

VP, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director - Latin America & Caribbean