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Next Stop, Buenos Aires – Generic Domains Division Sessions

15 November 2013
By Christine Willett

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ICANN meetings are always an exciting time! Community members and attendees from around the world come together with staff and board members to discuss Internet policy and ICANN’s role therein. ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires, which takes place 17 – 21 November 2013, is particularly invigorating for the New gTLD Program as it represents the first meeting since the first new generic Top-Level Domains were delegated from this Program. In addition to collectively recognizing the many “firsts” that we’ve achieved together, ICANN 48 will also provide an opportunity for attendees to hear the latest updates on the Program and take a deeper dive into specific processes.

On Monday, 18 November, my colleagues and I will present high-level updates on the various aspects of the New gTLD Program including Evaluation, Objections and Dispute Resolution, Contracting, Operational Readiness, Rights Protection Mechanisms, Post-Delegation Dispute Mechanism and more. Session information can be found below:

  • New gTLD Program Update
    Date: Monday – 18 November 2013
    Time: 10:30-12:00 ART
    Location: Libertador C

Additionally, for those interested in specific aspects of the new gTLD Program, I recommend you attend one or more of our other Generic Domain Division sessions:

  • Rights Protection
    Monday – 18 November 2013 from 13:30-15:00 in San Telmo
    This session will cover the status of initiatives related to rights protection by ICANN, including the Trademark Clearinghouse, Uniform Rapid Suspension System, and Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedures.

  • Security and Stability Update
    Monday – 18 November 2013 from 15:15-16:45 in Libertador C
    This is a session to present and discuss the latest developments regarding Security, Stability, and Resiliency in regards to new gTLDs. The session will include details on: the plan to manage name collisions in new gTLDs, Name Collision Identification and Mitigation for IT Professionals, and the TLD security stability management risk and incident escalation process. An update from the Certifications Authorities and Browsers Forum organization will also be provided.

  • Community Priority Evaluation and Auction
    Monday – 18 November 2013 from 17:15-18:45 in Libertador C
    Attendees will receive an update on the status of the Community Priority Evaluation Program, as well as the latest developments of the ICANN Auction process to resolve string contention sets.

  • Contracting & Onboarding
    Wednesday – 20 November 2013 from 10:30-12:00 in Libertador C
    This session is to help new gTLD Applicants and newly contracted Registry Operators to better understand the Contracting and new Registry Operator On-Boarding processes.

  • TMCH change to “Trademark Clearinghouse: Operations & Processes”
    Wednesday – 20 November 2013 from 15:30-16:30 in Libertador C
    This will be an educational session on the Trademark Clearinghouse, presented by service providers Deloitte and IBM. The session will include a review of the Clearinghouse systems and a question and answer portion.

  • IDN Variant TLDs Program
    Wednesday – 20 November 2013 from 16:45-18:15 in Libertador C
    This session will provide a presentation and status update on the IDN Variant TLD Program. Update will include progress made on the implementation of the IDN Root LGR procedure and the formation of the Integration Panel and prospective Generation Panels. We will also provide a status update on Project 7 under the IDN Variant TLDs Program and discuss any input received from supporting organizations and advisory committees on the User Experience study.

  • Continued Operations for new gTLDs
    Thursday – 21 November 2013 from 11:00-12:30 in Libertador AB
    The session will cover three of the main components of the new gTLD program targeted at maintaining the continued operations of new gTLDs. The session will cover the SLA monitoring specified in Specification 10, the Registry Reporting Interface for data escrow notifications, and the EBERO Program.

Espero verlos a todos en Buenos Aires! (We look forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires)


Christine Willett