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New Policy Development Fundamentals Course Now Available on ICANN Learn

20 April 2020
By David Olive

The ICANN community develops and refines policies that ensure the security, stability, and resiliency of the global Internet. The ICANN organization is proud to facilitate this work and to support the core, consensus-driven policy and advice development work of the community by enabling efficient and effective bottom-up participation in the multistakeholder model. The new Policy Development Fundamentals course on ICANN Learn provides newcomers with a basic, foundational understanding of how policy development works at ICANN.

The manner in which policies are developed at ICANN is one of the most unusual and distinct processes for any global organization. A global community of stakeholders and participants with different backgrounds and points of view help coordinate and support the unique identifiers of the Internet. Many in the ICANN community use the expression "bottom up" when they talk about policy formation at ICANN. This course will put clarity and meaning in that term.

The Internet functions for everyone because everyone is invited to help make it work. We believe consensus policies developed through the multistakeholder model are highly effective and have the greatest legitimacy. This course explains the distinct roles the ICANN community, ICANN org, and ICANN Board each have in this process. The Policy Development Fundamentals course will also be translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Capacity development across the ICANN ecosystem remains a key priority. Policy Development Fundamentals, along with the recently launched Domain Name System (DNS) Fundamentals course, will serve as a cornerstone for developing capacity in the ICANN ecosystem. We hope the community will check out this valuable contribution on ICANN Learn.


David Olive

David Olive