Looking Ahead to ICANN65

20 June 2019

David OliveDavid Olive, SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director – Washington, D.C.

In a few days, the ICANN community will gather in Marrakech, Morocco for ICANN65. This will be the fourth Policy Forum and the second to be held in the African region.

The Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees have taken the lead in organizing the program for the four-day meeting. Mornings will be dedicated to outreach and advancing policy and advice development work. You can prepare by reading the Pre-ICANN65 Policy Report. Afternoons will feature cross-community and high interest topic sessions exploring a variety of issues, including: Policy Aspects of DNS over HTTPS (DoH), DNS over TLS, and Related Issues; Evolving the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model; Impacts of EPDP Phase 1 Recommendations on Other ICANN Policies and Procedures; and Policies Around Universal Acceptance.

The Policy Forum format means there will be no opening ceremony, public meeting of the ICANN Board, or public forum sessions at ICANN65. With fewer days and a focused agenda, the scheduled sessions will enable deeper discussions into some of the most pertinent policy issues at hand. Other reference materials from ICANN65 Prep Week are available here. Networking receptions each night will allow participants to interact outside of working sessions. We also hope you will join us at the presentation of the Multistakeholder Ethos Award on Monday, 24 June, concluding a community-driven selection process.

A global community of stakeholders and participants with different backgrounds and points of view help coordinate and support the Internet’s unique identifiers. The Internet functions for everyone because everyone is invited to help make it work. Consensus policies developed through the multistakeholder model are highly effective and have the greatest legitimacy. The Policy Forum provides an ideal platform for this work.

We look forward to welcoming you in Marrakech. No matter if you are an ICANN regular, an occasional participant, or a newcomer, I encourage you to actively engage in ICANN65. Safe travels and see you soon.

David Olive
David Olive
SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director – Washington, D.C.

David Olive

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