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Join the Board for a Special ICANN79 Prep Week Session

13 February 2024

Another important and exciting year for ICANN has begun, and ICANN Board members are eager to engage with the community at ICANN79, which is being held 2–7 March online and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The first Public Meeting of 2024, the ICANN79 Community Forum provides an opportunity for us to advance our work together on multiple fronts. To prepare for these important conversations, the Board is holding an open session during the virtual ICANN79 Prep Week. The ICANN Board Engagement Session With Community Work Session will take place on Wednesday, 21 February, at 16:30–17:30 UTC.

During the session, Board members will host three separate breakout rooms, each covering a different topic. Following a brief introduction, the breakout rooms will be open for the next 40 minutes. Participants may choose to stay in one room for the entire session or move between the rooms. The session will conclude with everyone coming back together to hear each Board host's summary of the discussions in their respective breakout rooms.

Topic 1: Strategic Planning

  • Hosts: Maarten Botterman and Chris Buckridge
  • Description: The Board hosts request input on the ongoing development of the ICANN Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2026–30. They will share the primary themes identified from the input received via the environmental scan sessions.

Topic 2: What to Do When Policies Do Not Address the Problems They Were Developed to Solve

  • Hosts: Becky Burr and Alan Barrett
  • Description: The Board hosts invite feedback on how to handle situations where the community-developed generic top-level domain policies adopted by the Board are superseded by subsequent events or are otherwise unable to resolve the problems they were designed to address. As the Board continues to engage with the Generic Names Supporting Organization on this topic, the community is encouraged to brainstorm possible solutions.

Topic 3: Environmental Sustainability

  • Hosts: Sally Costerton and León Sánchez
  • Description: The Board hosts seek input on how to best advance ICANN's environmental sustainability efforts, in line with the CEO's goals for fiscal year 2024. Drawing on the community's expertise will help shape the dialogue around more sustainable ICANN meetings and operations.

The Board is very much looking forward to this opportunity to discuss these important topics with the community. Please note that due to the technical limitations of using breakout rooms, there will be no interpretation or transcription services available for those discussions, and they will not be recorded. However, ICANN organization staff members will take notes.

Please join the Board for this special session, and if you have not already registered for ICANN79, be sure to do so. The deadline for in-person registration is Thursday, 29 February.


Tripti Sinha

Tripti Sinha

ICANN Board Chair