IDN wiki – 1Week Stats Update

23 October 2007
By Tina Dam

This is an update to the blog post at: http://blog.icann.org/?p=223#comments

Page Requests and Users:

After a week the total number of page requests served is: 128.267

Divided among the IDNwikis this is:

Chinese/Chinese: 37.56%
Cyrillic/Russian: 28.05%
IDN Main gateway: 15.48%
Arabic/Arabic: 4.67%
Arabic/Persian: 2.93%
Tamil/Tamil: 2.20%
Hebrew/Yiddish: 2.03%
Devanagari/Hindi: 1.03%
Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana/Japanese: 1.78%
Greek/Greek: 1,73%
Hangul/Korean: 1.64%

Browser vendors:

Several browser developers have provided information on the IDNwikis about how to use IDNs and how to for example set your local user configuration to display one or more languages/scripts that you intend to use.

The top 10 browser vendors used by the wiki visitors:

Netscape: 46.724
MSIE: 15.817
Firefox: 12.549
Opera: 5.936
Baiduspider: 2.002
Safari: 616
Mozilla: 572
HMSE_Robot: 518
Gurijibot: 504
ConveraCrawler: 201


Tina Dam