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IDN and gTLD introductory sessions video

5 January 2009
By Kieren McCarthy

During the Cairo meeting in, ICANN together with Domaine.info produced a number of videos covering the main sessions and topics, with each video fronted by a member of either the staff or a chair of the relevant supporting organization or advisory committee.

You can find all of those videos posted on the Cairo site at http://cai.icann.org/video, and we also post ICANN videos on the main site under the main tab “Videos”.

This video features two of ICANN’s project managers – Tina Dam and IDNs, and Karla Valente and new gTLDs – talking about the sessions they were due to run on the first day of the conference where introductions were given to their two topic areas.

Below is a transcript of the video and off to the right is the video itself.

* Domaine.info and ICANN Present
* ICANN CAIRO Egypt November 2008
* Introduction to New gTLDs & IDNs (Sunday 2 November 2008)
* Hi. My name is Tina Dam. I am the IDN Program Director at ICANN.
* Hi. I’m Karla Valente and I am the Director of the New gTLDs Program.
* So we are in Cairo and its Sunday and there is a lot of IDN stuff going on. We have actually had IDN gTLDs in the room for a year
* and look at all of the activities that are going on.
* We just recently posted New gTLDs Applicant guidebook, so if you go to the ICANN website,
* you will be able to find the guidebook, download, and learn everything about new gTLDs if you want to be an applicant.
* And you can have IDNs as gTLDs as Karla talked about or you can have IDNs as ccTLDs, and there is a ccTLD program available as well.
* And that’s online also.
* And right now the guidebook is open for public comments, and this is a very important step in the ICANN process.
* We are going to be looking at the feedback and continue developing until we reach the final version.
* The final version should be published sometime in Q2 next year and we expect all the applications for gTLDs to be ready Q3 next year.
* So we encourage you to participate. We want to hear from you.
* You can take a look at all of the sessions today and tomorrow. There’s going to be multiple sessions on IDNs and ccTLDs.
* Different sessions that we have today and tomorrow are going to be in English and in Arabic.
* The session today is an introductory session for someone who has never heard of new gTLDs.
* Tomorrow we are going to cover the applicant guidebook, talk about the structure, what to do with it, how to read it and so on.
* A lot of this is about policies, but there’s a lot of technical stuff to.
* One thing that Karla and I worked together on is making sure that IDN gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs technically are working
* and are validated in the same way. So if you want to apply for an IDN string, it has work in the same way.
* First of all, thank you for all the work you have done to help us make these implementations and all this work available.
* And we’ll see you next time. Karla is going to say this in Arabic…[laughs]
* We are looking forward to hearing from you, either through the public comments or maybe the next ICANN meeting.
* Copyrights Domaine.info 2008 Tous droits reserves
* Your comments and reactions are welcome Vos commentaires et reactions sont les bienvenues participate@icann.org


Kieren McCarthy