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Identifier Systems SSR Activities Reporting

29 August 2014
By Dave Piscitello

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As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, the Identifier Systems SSR department will publish periodic reports on our activities. These reports will describe the activities we perform to maintain the security, stability, and resiliency of the Internet's global identifier systems.

These activities include collaboration with ICANN, security and operations, and public safety communities, where our staff serves several roles. Depending on the engagement or request, our staff

  • offers security or DNS subject matter expertise,
  • facilitates cooperative action among ICANN and other communities to maintain DNS SSR,
  • conducts research, or
  • supports the daily efforts of security or operations communities to mitigate the misuse or harmful use of the DNS or domain name registration services.

Each activity report will highlight our collaboration and stakeholder activities (through speaking or capability building programs, often for ccTLD operators and ICANN ccNSO or GAC members). We'll summarize activities we perform as part of our identifier system SSR threat awareness and preparedness remit. We'll identify and provide progress reports on analytics or productivity improvement projects as well.

Our first report is available here [PDF, 73 KB]. Please contact John Crain or Dave Piscitello with questions, comments or suggestions.


Dave Piscitello