ICANN updates registrants on registerfly

7 March 2007
By Office of the Ombudsman


This is the appropriate blog site to post comments relating to registerfly.

This is a further update for those affected by RegisterFly. The first occurred Friday on our main website.

If you are a RegisterFly customer you will know from the extremely poor customer service you are getting, that RegisterFly is experiencing internal problems prohibiting them from acting on transaction requests from customers.

ICANN is doing everything within its power to ensure that harm to registrants is minimized during these failures by Registerfly, including collecting registrant data from RegisterFly’s backend service providers, arranging for the registry operators to prevent names from being deleted (”dropped”) by Registerfly, and taking legal action against Registerfly in federal court for copies of their databases containing customer data. In addition, we have notified RegisterFly (as we are required to do under the Registrar Accreditation Agreement) that they are in breach of their accreditation agreement and have demanded that they cure the breaches of the Agreement within 15 working days (also required under the agreement).

You can find more detailed information on our website.

ICANN’s role

ICANN is not a regulator. We rely mainly on contract law. We do not condone in any way whatsoever RegisterFly’s business practice and behaviour.

The options for customers to transfer their names to another registrar at this stage are limited. We will advise if we have more information on this point. Last Friday, ICANN convened a telephone conference among those needed to implement a plan that will help cease unintended deletions. This will prevent names from being deleted from the registry and becoming available for re-registration by others. RegisterFly has assured us (for what that is worth) that they will process such requests as soon as they are again technically operational. We will keep a close eye on this.

We do hope this information is helpful and provides some small level of comfort in what is clearly a stressful time for registrants and others affected by these events. Check in at both here and at our website www.icann.org where these issues (amongst others) are being discussed.


Office of the Ombudsman