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ICANN Quarterly Update on Work Stream 2 Implementation

20 October 2022

The ICANN organization (org) continues to make progress in addressing Work Stream 2 (WS2) implementation, a priority in Fiscal Year 2023.

WS2 represents a set of 95 Board-approved accountability and transparency-related recommendations that were produced by the Cross-Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability. Fifty-eight of the recommendations are owned by the org, thirty by the community, and seven are co-owned by the org and community.

Looking at the implementation of org-owned recommendations in the third calendar quarter of 2022, ICANN org released a page that summarizes the various options for the community to provide input on ICANN performance and accountability, thereby increasing the group of  "complete" recommendations from 15 to 16. The Work Stream 2 Implementation Summary – Q3 2022 Quarterly Report includes links to the implementation documentation of complete recommendations. This documentation reflects a recommendation's implementation journey, including the rationale that guided the implementation.

Three additional recommendations relating to the diversity topic are now in progress, increasing the overall number of recommendations in progress from 42 to 44.

Additionally, the org continues to support the implementation work of community groups, as appropriate. In August 2022, ICANN org compiled existing individual community groups' diversity information in governance documentation, thereby moving a diversity recommendation to the status of in progress.

Currently, there are 34 community-owned recommendations in progress, three will start after the completion of another WS2 recommendation. The WS2 Community Coordination Group (WS2 CCG) continues to meet regularly. See here for more information on the WS2 CCG's activities.

As stated in the detailed report, the org has a set of deliverables scheduled for completion in the final quarter of calendar year 2022. The org looks forward to announcing them on our wiki and org pages as soon as the updates become available, and also in the next scheduled quarterly report.

In the meantime, I invite you to read the Work Stream 2 Implementation Summary – Q3 2022 Quarterly Report for a comprehensive update on the latest implementation activities.


Giovanni Seppia

Giovanni Seppia

Vice President - Implementation Operations